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IP: Krudaserver.com - VERSION: 8.60 - PORT: 7171 DOWNLOAD CLIENT Kruda 8.60

Kruda private Tibia OTServer, See now our Server Info.
Customized Map Global 100% with RL quests & VIP quests fully working, Citys and Huntzones
Server without Bug or Lag, Dedicated 24/7, Security Anti DDoS.
Everything for a better fun Gaming with us!, Download now OUR CLIENT to see the New Aspects.
We are proud to Give you the best OT Server PVP WAR FUN in Global RL CUSTOM!.
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Support in game

STAFF RANK Name Status World
Kruda OwnerLeonardoOfflineKruda Server
Kruda WorkerBraxnerOfflineKruda Server
Kruda WorkerAxelOfflineKruda Server
TutorDarkesitoOnlineKruda Server
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box