Kruda - Commands Guide Kruda - Commands Guide
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Commands on Kruda Server

!commands Show the Commands list.
!spells Show the Spells available.
!promotion Makes the promotion for Vocation (Cost 2 crystal coins).
!online Show how many players are online.
!serverinfo Show the serverinfo box.
!aol Buy AOL and Bless (Cost 2 crystal coin)
!frags See how many Frags you have. (Daily, weekly and monthly).
!uptime Shows how long the server has been online.
!guildoutfit (Only Guild Leader can use this Command) The entire guild carries the same outfit as the guild leader.
!topfrags Show who is the best Killer.
!rank !rank level, !rank magic, !rank axe, !rank sword, !rank club, !rank distance, !rank fishing, !rank shield, !rank fist. (Show the TOP Skill or Level)
!addon (Needs Addon Doll to use this command) If you have Addon doll, say !addon EXAMPLE (!addon citizen, !addon druid, ...) to get Full Addon.
!cast !cast on, !cast off, !cast password PASSWORDCAST (Turn on , Turn off, Set cast password)
!buypremium Buy premium days (cost 10 crystal coin)
!changesex Change your gender (Cost seven days of premium)
!vipdays Show how many days left you have.
!report !report "GM I need help" "GM I found a bug"
!event !event bp, !event dice, !event salon1, !event salon2, !event tictactoe (Teleports you to the Event currently running)
!buyhouse Buy a house (Only one house per character)
!sellhouse Sells your house , DONT FORGET PICK ALL YOUR ITEMS. (WARNING, if you have items on house, IT WILL BE DELETED)
!guild EXAMPLE: !guild Hello everyone (Guild Broadcast)
/war EXAMPLE: /war invite, GUILD NAME (Need to cast on Guild Channel)
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