Kruda - bomberman Kruda - bomberman
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Bomberman Event Information.


Enter one of the four fields to participate in the Battle of Bomberman, the player who is next to the lever must activate it to enter the combat arena


When a player eliminates all the opponents, they will be taken to the prize room (chest), which only the winner can open to obtain the Event Coins and in turn will be teleported to the temple.


Exit Zone for those who do not wish to participate in the event..

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Bomberman Event Information.


Starting place for each participant, be careful where you place each bomb.


Entrance to go up to the spectator area, where you can see who is participating in the event.


!bomb to put a Bomb in bomberman arena.
Gives you +1 Extra Bomb
Gives you +1 Extra Fire Range (BE CAREFUL, In the second flame upgrade, the flame will be able to go through the bushes.)
Gives you + Speed
The winner get x15 Event Coins

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