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Rewards by Level.


Walk to the Left side of the Thais Temple, and use the stairs to jump to the second floor.

Go inside the Teleport marked.

Here you can collect the rewards by leveling.


Level Required:


Level 50. x5 Crystal Coins
x1 Teleport Scroll. Right click to automatically teleport to Temple.
Level 100. x10 Crystal Coins
x1 Vans Backpack. (Vol:36).
Level 150. x25 Crystal Coins
x1 Big Gold Decoration.
Level 250. x1 Emote: LoL. Use it to learn the EMOTE: LoL
x100 Crystal Coins.
Level 350. x1 Triple EXP Potion. Gives you Triple EXP GAIN BONUS (60 minutes).
x1 Nike Backpack. (Vol:36).
Level 450. x30 Ruby Coins
x1 Chest Gold Decoration.
Level 550. x1 VIP Membership. Use it to get 30 VIP Days!
x1 Legendary Box. Use it to get x1 Random Legendary Item!
Level 650. x1 Marihuana Backpack (Vol:36).
x1 Cosmical Inferno Helmet. You see a Cosmical Inferno Helmet (Arm:45, club fighting +3, sword fighting +3, axe fighting +3, distance fighting +3, shielding +3, magic level +3, protection all +13%). It weighs 39.00 oz. 9% More HP and MP
Level 900. x1500 Kruda Points
x1 [SUPER] Belical Carabine. You see The [SUPER] Belical Carabine. It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers, druids, paladins, knights, master sorcerers, elder druids, royal paladins, elite knights, alchemists, biochemists, blackhawks and centurions of level 900 or higher.. (Damage: Holy 2200 - 2500) (Range: 7) (Mana Cost: 100 per hit)
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