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Kruda - Donate with PayPal Kruda - Donate with PayPal
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Automatic PayPal Donation System.

The donation COSTS from 6 USD to 25 USD.
After the donation you will receive Kruda points (depending on the amount of donation) in your account automatically.
Because you are donating with PayPal / Creditcard you will receive your Kruda Points.

Here are the steps you need to make:
1. You need a valid creditcard or a PayPal account with a required minimum balance [6 USD].
2. Fill in your account number.
3. Click on the donate button.
4. Make a transaction on PayPal.
5. After the transaction your kruda points (depending on the amount of donation) will be automatically added to your account.
6. Go to Item shop and use your points

RESUME: DONATE in Dollars (USD) to BUY Kruda Points.

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