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13 Jun 2020 -
NEW ANDROID CLIENT UPDATE! Today new android version has...
NEW ANDROID CLIENT UPDATE! Today new android version has been released. Change log: - Added multitouch support - Added keypad (joystick) for manual walking - Improved action bar - Improved left action panel, added extra action when double clicked Other small bug fixes Tips for mobile users: - Double click on Use in left panel to use on item in from of you - Double click on Attack/Follow in left panel to attack/follow first creature from battle list - Double click on Look in left panel to look on first creature in battle list - Hold your finger for 0.5s to do right click - You can zoom in/zoom out map using bot (Tools tab) - You can bind volume up/volume down keys as hotkeys - Back navigation button works as escape, you can use it to close windows Link for download is the same as always:
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Welcome to Kruda, Download Here!

Global CUSTOM RL MAP, Server RPG with perfect PVP system. Server without Bugs or Lag, Dedicated server 24/7, Security Anti DDoS.
Enjoy spending your moments in Kruda with an incredible community!.

See you on Kruda!

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Top Rating: 53

Army Reapers
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Top Rating: 37


Sir Waik
43 Kills

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34 Kills


$190 Dollar(s) donated.

$152 Dollar(s) donated.

$76 Dollar(s) donated.

IP: Port: 7171 Version: 8.60

Kruda Server
Welcome to Kruda
We have the most complete custom map and server of all the servers in your class, new areas version 12.6+, all systems 100%.

Global Map RL 8.60(custom), fully detailed. Some of most important features:
Cast System (+25% xp), War System (PVP Free), Global RL Quests (100%), New Custom Quests, Outfits / Mounts and more!.

Open PvP
Players can freely attack each other. Excessive Player Killing, however, is regulated by the Skull System.

Potions and Runes
To give a better PvP / PvP Potions, Runes and Ammo are consumibles.

Server Economy
To increase the value for the items and the economy within the server, the loot will be 38% more difficult to achieve.
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