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Customized Map Global 100% with RL quests & VIP quests fully working, Citys and Huntzones
Server without Bug or Lag, Dedicated 24/7, Security Anti DDoS.
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>> Ninja Spells<<

Required level: Spell Name: Conjure with: Spell Description:
30 Demonic Star utori hur (0.7 seconds cooldown)
Launch an attack type Holy directed by a Shuriken.
80 Shuriken Vortex utori gran hur (1.5 seconds cooldown)
A vortex that hits all the enemies around in a 3x3 area, perfect spell to hunt.
150 Mortal wounds exori con hur (2 seconds cooldown)
Throws 8 Shuriken stars rapidly dealing a mortal damage.
150 Ninjutsu: Ninja Fear utori vis hur (10 seconds cooldown)
Stuns the enemy preventing him from moving for 3 seconds.
200 Samurai Armor exori gran hur (20 seconds cooldown)
Create armor difficult to penetrate, giving +500 shielding for 5 seconds.
300 Shadow Strike exori max hur (20 seconds cooldown)
Create a shadow clone that teleports you to the enemys position, attacking him with a critical strike.
400 Toxic Fog exevo mas pox (1.4 seconds cooldown)
A toxic fog that hits and poisons all enemies in a 4x4 area
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