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>> Ninja Spells<<

Required level: Spell Name: Conjure with: Spell Description:
30 Demonic Star utori hur (1.8 seconds cooldown) (Range: 5)
Launch an attack type physical directed by a Shuriken.
80 Shuriken Vortex utori gran hur (2 seconds cooldown)
A vortex that hits all the enemies around in a 4x4 area, perfect spell to hunt.
110 Mortal wounds exori con hur (1.8 seconds cooldown)
Range: 4. Throws 6 Shurikens stars rapidly dealing a physical damage.
150 Ninjutsu: Ninja Fear utori vis hur (20 seconds cooldown) (Range: 3)
Stuns the enemy preventing him from moving for 3 seconds.
200 Samurai Armor exori gran hur (10 seconds cooldown)
Self target. Create armor difficult to penetrate, giving +15 shielding for 5 seconds.
120 Poison Blade exori max hur (20 seconds cooldown) (Range: 2)
Shoot a throwing knife dealing Physical Damage based on Sword Skill, every knife shooted has POISON dealing static damage every second.
80 Great Spirit Potion - (0.7 seconds cooldown)
Heals Mana points and health points
14 Magic Shield utamo vita (1.3 seconds cooldown)
Magic shield absorb all damage and protects your health.
60 Blood Rage utito tempo (1.0 seconds cooldown)
Blood rage increase your Sword Skill, Axe Skill, Club Skill by 20% percent plus.
10 Antidote exana pox (1.7 seconds cooldown)
Antidote for Poison damage.
20 Strong haste utani gran hur (1.7 seconds cooldown)
Improve your movement speed.
35 Wound Cleansing exana mort (1 seconds cooldown)
Heals depending on Magic level.
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